The tingly feeling of emancipation,

Merry making on a daily basis,

Unaware of what is going on around you,

Determined to make me envy you,

All I do is watch you change your clothes,

When I actually wish you’d change your mind,

The chances of you being with him are slim,



‘He is my light,’ you shamelessly cajole,

Like a fly that follows a corpse to the grave,

You cling to his sweet nothings!

Promising you heaven on earth,

Disillusioned by your mere way of life,

You are determined by your gut,


Reality sets in, tears in your eyes,

Running back to our single room,

The one you hated so much,

But the only thing your parents can pay for,

You thought he’d get you out of there,

The only place you call home away from home,


You cry yourself to sleep,

Telling me how much you hate men,

He was not just any random man,

He is a family man, married,

You were just a mere naïve girl,

A girl that thinks she can control life,

You were a second option,

Whether you die or not he has other priorities

The debacle!




The splendor of a smile,
Deeper than his eyes could tell,
The desire to let the world make sense,
Even with a hustle of conviction,
Curled in tangles of uncertainty,
The claws that Pat the fur with love,

The love was pure,
The romance was fulfilling,
His touch arousing every hair in me,
Pure as a baby’s soul,
His lips could tell his desires,
Eyes full of love,
Hands full of pleasure,
The romance that kept me yearning for more,

Romancing in the absence of light,
Not even candle lit,
I clung to the shadow,
Shadows that brought the savage in me,
Shadows that left holes of guilt,
But hidden in the smiles of daylight


 …they just portray same characteristics.
 We do live in a world of a two sex population, male and female. Both were created for different purposes  but for a common goal of companionship (as per the biblical aspect).However, as years go by and life keeps changing we do realize that all the companionship thing seems not to be working. Men in society especially in the African concept, seem to be so tied to their cultures that keep offending the female ego. Men of this age and era are characterized not by culture but by several aspects;
This is where a man dwells just on what he thinks is right and considers good. He never thinks of the other picture of the right or rather good but just believes in self-righteousness. That’s a typical African man. There are men who will never let anyone correct them no matter how wrong they are because definitely if they accept correction especially from a woman he will be considered as  weak and vulnerable. These are the kind of men mostly known as the proud men.
This are the type of men that just believe that the can never love one girl not today or  ever in their lives. Even when he decides to settle down for marriage, he surely must have someone else somewhere. These are the kind that have guts to tell their women about creating a second family and they really do not need their wife’s permission.
Almost all men in the society dwell on this line of lying no matter how hard you try to see truth in them you eventually realize they are just typical liars. They will lie about anything in the world, mostly when they go flirting with other ladies. You realize he is big time flirt he calls them all the sweet names, be with them all time come back to you lie to you on how much they love and how the other lady means nothing to them but just a friend. I mean really for how long should one keep taking in lies from a man?
The stated points just point a few aspects of an archetypal (typical) man. True enough men will never be the same, this is because the way one guy makes love to a lady will never be the same as the other, the way one shows his love will definitely differ from the other, the way one man cognizes love will never  be the same way the other one thinks. Every man has his own mindset. This definitely gives the point of men being of different sets. Let’s get realistic which man will want to be referred as the other? The answer is none.
A man will always want to have his self-worth high rated. This is evident when most of them will proudly brag of how many women he has laid , the number of women they have kissed in clubs and the kind of ladies they like. As time goes by reality catches up with the same men as several women start showing up on their door steps with babies telling the so called men to take responsibility of their children (that is why we have deadbeat dads). It is at such times that a man realizes his “heroic actions” had repercussions and it was time to deal with them head on.
Men tend to differ by body stature, voice, height and posture and best still in character. Confused huh???
Look at it in this manner most ladies tend to believe that men are dogs (which is true) but these dogs can be tamed don’t you think? Be told to seat and they seat, eat, play around  and even told to bite and they do so at will. A man who dwells on the concept of being too proud and ego centered   are the most vulnerable because they hide their fears in pride and ego. When a man gets all defensive especially when it’s evident that he is a pathetic liar, just know you are in a ditch. On the other hand there is that guy that will just want you around for the sex and he makes sure you never get pregnant, he only says he loves you when doing the “bad manners” to you. At the end of the day you’ll realize that these two men differ in mannerisms. However the sex guy knows that whenever he wants to hit the jackpot he’ll work so hard to get it. HOW? The gifts, calling you the sweet names, luring you to their crib or even staying at your place till very late in the night. So you get it? You’d wish it was true love, but it’s not there anymore darling. You gave yourself to him once, twice , thrice and finally it turned out as a norm so it is you to deal with realism or in simple terms the real truth. Make choice that is right!


In the horizon lies the fate of the sun,
The pure beauty of the orange ball setting,
Ushering in the gruesome darkness of reveries,
Reflection of what cannot be easily defined,
Was it joy in the day?
Was it a dream of pleasure or gloom?
Redefined by the thickness of the night,

My heart pumps with uncertainty,
This cruelty of pure darkness in literal form,
Drained by the fragile state of the soul,
Unable to decipher on the next step of action,

Inside my head you still linger,
The deeds of merry making,
The moments of untold pleasure,
Sworn to secrecy I am,
To always keep you at heart,

In no time your claws pop out,
Claws of a lion that is ready to pounce on its prey,
A prey that has been nursed by you,
Carrying the attitude of the secretary bird,
You shove the sentiments of a hurting soul,
The same soul that you thrived on,

Regardless, with a clenched fist I push on,
Gathering the pieces of my tattered soul,
Piecing them together,
That mysterious way that it all started,
Is the same way it will all fade ,
For now I realize nothing is broken,
And am going to live my life,
Just like it was my last chance!!!


Every day I wake up full of  life, Determined to make a better me, With reveries of a man am not sure I know, Other than the fact he will forever be a part of my life, The rest is just a delusion of what I want to exist, The care, kindness, attention or even an ounce of love, Those that determine the fact that he really should be a part of me, I really don’t know what I should call him, He has never shown the interest of being what I want him to be, Am sure he has no clue of the most important date of my life, There are times I wish he’d just call to say “ I love you,” The times he’d just come from nowhere to just spend a day of fun with me, The times he’d be proud of me for what I am and what I’ll become, The times he’d just call to say “You have my blessings,” But those days are gone. These are the dreams I have about my dad. They have always been mended by the warm embrace of my mother, The soothing words of a mothers love, The love that is undivided, love that is genuine, Love that is incomparable, divine. I’ve learnt to brace myself for the better that is ahead, Not to look back at what drains my happiness. A mother that plays both roles is the strongest human being,  I’d grow older knowing you don’t exist dad but it’s never easy, Thus a broken soul I am wearing the smile of determination to make a better me, I no longer lurch on the tatters of my broken soul, via WordPress for Phone


I have lived believing in destiny,
Believing that one day I will be what you want,
Working myself up and down just to please you,
You the person I crave to always be with,
Be with in all aspects of life,
Aspects of life that define us,
Define us in the love we share together,
Together as a couple,
A couple full of reveries and anticipations,
Anticipations of having a successful love circle,
Love circle designed to flourish forever,
Forever in the world full of Vagueness,
Vagueness that lingers on a lose strand,
A strand of uncut deformities,
Deformities of lies,
Lies that my brain wishes to understand,
Understand why we got to go through all this,
I’ve fought a good fight,
A fight I will never win,

My love for you is undeniable,
But my life can no longer drain,
Drain because of this pain,
Am no longer sure of what I have,
Maybe my life depends on fate but not destiny,
True enough you are used to me that you will never respect me,
Anyway that is what life is all about, pains and joy,
But truth be told you are a pretty good but petty liar,
I hate the fact that you keep lying to my face,
Lying and denying mistakes,but anyway I can’t blame you because at times the lies put a smile on my face.The Circle of love!!!!

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In life we do make decisions unaware of the repercussions it poses to our lives. However, we always have to make the decisions no matter how hard it can be to make a final decision that changes one’s life completely. For instance we once in our lifetime fall overwhelmingly in love with those we supposedly love, without considering our biggest pit of downfall. This is because our downfall is never known till we dig dip to the too good to be true situation. This is when we realize we fell in love with the wrong people, but just as life dictates we must always love the wrong people to finally get to our destined loved ones. I mean, yes we do make mistakes in life but who says it comes with instructions?
 For ladies who’ve been heartbroken by a man you thought “loved you” girl you don’t have to cry out your heart and brains anymore believe you have someone better even when the going is tough. There are people that will forever be working hard to demean who you are and   the potential within you. Never give in to their demands you got better things to do. You have to push harder to disapprove your demeanors.
We ought to realize that in this life, society will forever favor men and women will always be considered as the most vulnerable creatures, where by there are a lot of things that are done by women ,for example going out with a man as friends will never auger well to your watchers, staying out late with friends and worse still sleeping out after parties  are considered a big sin but to men it’s a kawaida thing. A man will always love you according to how he thinks and not as per his heart tells him. Be cautious of who you love as much as there times we are told that love doesn’t ask why….if you cry almost every day in your relationship, just sit down and ask yourself;” Am I dating a human being or an onion?” People will always have different opinions about you, thank God it’s not them that created you thus it makes you a better person from what they think you really are.
Most are times we dwell on uncertainty waiting for an unknown destiny. We always sit wishing to get what we really dream of in life but God has his own ways of giving us what we ask for or even something better. No matter how hard it is to thrive in just a single day there comes a time when life takes a big U-turn and your destiny changes and brings out a better you. Do not give up be strong and take charge of your destiny.
We are all strong at heart but very weak at the same time. There is that time we’ll just sit and watch some things happening because those involved are of so much importance to us. It pains but there is nothing we can do because the repercussions can never be understood, those are times you are not sure if telling the person the truth will help your relationship or push it to the gutter. If there is someone you love out there   then work hard to strengthen that love even with all the loop holes, be on the struggle to cover them all. You alone can tell what you really feel;
Is it love, Infatuation or lust????
If it is LOVE, then let it grow and flourish into something beautiful for the rest of the world’s admiration. Do not trample on it because of someone who isn’t worth your energy. There are times when everything you have slips away from your hands as you watch  because you really afraid to face reality i.e In love, you can never say you love someone if don’t struggle to keep that love  just for you. The pain you go through to keep what RIGHTFULLY belongs to you takes risks and courage within the heart. That one person was meant for you, do not sit or rather give up so easily and watch your happiness fly away like a lone butterfly instead   fights for it. Trust yourself not unless you want to crawl with your teeth! However, tread carefully, as much as you should be working hard to fight for your love, find out if he or she is glad. This is because you might be in a love torn situation in that, no matter how hard you fight to keep him or her he will never get rid of the person you trying to fight. This is when you should consider the possibility of quitting because if he or she has made up their minds of not being with you, you will never force them to be with you.
This is when we think we love someone simply because of their looks. It is never that simple especially if the subject knows your rate of vulnerability. When it comes to infatuation, be sure to be walking on a dead end situation. This is because the person you really think you love can never be with you for the rest of your life and be ready to deal with a big time liar, a philanderer, “a go getter”, a hit-and-run loser who will definitely wreck your whole life of prime youth.
 You just have to realize that no matter how sweet the promises sound, one day he’ll take them back because he will never fulfill them. This calls for a wake up from the deep slumber of infatuation and find a way to make your life better do not be swayed, deal with reality girl. By that it basically means you should be ready to tell him your pains.  He will NEVER love you for who you are and that does not mean you have to break down, it rather means you have to stand and look ahead and believe you got something better in your life. It’s time to struggle for a better you not after a looser who messed your life up.
In simple words it is time for you and you alone, when time to love the real people comes then love but for now be the real you!

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